Thursday, 23 June 2011

Back online with the first post since all the end of year craziness down here in Falmouth. Good news is it's all finished now, heading back home with a working computer so hopefully the blog posting will spark back into life shortly! On a related note, my website is now finished, just need to get on the tutor responsible for hosting them at uni.

Just wanted to stick up a couple of images I made for an exhibition running in the Poly alongside Falmouth film graduates work at Pixel8 film festival this friday, saturday and sunday. Come along for an evening of excellent illustration and falmouth filmaking.

The first one is for a film called Pig, where featuring a man ventures into the dark subconscious of his girlfriend. The second is for Gillez Pyskessa, exploring isolation and disconnectedness with modern Cornwall through the eyes of an aging fisherman.


Gillez Pyskessa

Big props to Joe Dunn for sorting this all out!

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