Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Have a gawk at this exceedingly rough first draft graphic interpretation of Indian folk tale The Fisher Girl and the Crab. I decided to take up the challenge of telling this bizarre tale in as few panels as possible - as a result it may not make any sense at all. Anyone looking for clarification can consult the excellent Virago Book of Fairy Tales, where I discovered this traditional story of talking gourds, shapshifting crabs and arranged marriage in the heart of rural India.

It is nice to draw some characters within a sustained narrative - the immediate attachment you feel to them, the way you can read emotion in a sequence of panels feels really liberating.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Feel kind of bad about putting up such scrappy drawing in the previous post. Here is some recent sketchbook work to prove that I can still draw - honestly! I was, like, using my left hand or something on the foxes...

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Seems that this blog is hitting a rythm of updating about once a month, which is not a bad thing. Here are some doodles of what may happen if you succumb to The Bite Of The Were-Fox (note: not actually the title of an upcoming book or anything).

During autumn/winter of last year I kept a visual journal, which was;
a. lots of fun,
b. surprisingly time consuming and
c. extremely helpful in getting a grasp on sequential imagery and using brush & ink.
It is definitely an exercise that I would like to repeat. I think that some of the experiments were really successful and the super-relaxed drawing style is something I probably don't spend enough time playing with, so it's about time some images made it on to the internet. Here are some choice entries from this sporadic and neurotic little sketchbook.