Sunday, 6 November 2011

After falling off the blogwagon for far too long, here is some stuff. I think I will start posting smaller/single image updates to keep it all flowing a bit better.

First up is a portfolio piece, a book cover illustration for dark & mystical teenage girl fiction set in Venice. Part of the reason keeping this blog updated is taking so long for me is that it takes a good few weeks after finishing it before I can really like a piece of work again - this one is from about a week ago.
Next, here are some children! Thirteen of them to be exact. The under-18 area of my sketchbook has been sorely lacking recently.
Finally, I wasn't even sure about posting this, but here a couple of pages messing around with comics for a four-page short story/descriptive exercise. I really haven't done anything comic related and sustained beyond three or four panels since I was fourteen (or younger?!), so these are definitely the early stages of experimental, and some of the dialogue is atrocious, but hopefully there is something in them that will justify getting it finished.

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